Saturday, 22 March 2014


Greedy Absentee Robber Barons Landlordsust go!

I felt compelled to write this brief report in response to a report in the  Western Mail on the 18th March headed 'Duke in line for windfall from £280m race Track',  we must be thankful to the Western Mail for informing us of this particular 'Robber Baron's latest attempt at ripping our nation off and I will remind that this Absentee English Aristocrat Landlord has already ripped off Swansea City Council to the tune of £285.000 just for the right to build an access bridge across the River Tawe because he, and not God or nature or the citizens of Swansea "owns" the river bed! But, in this day and age, should it not be questioned if such 'Robber Barons' have the right to hold communities to such ransoms based on land that was stolen from those communities in the first place in feudal times?

For example, The title of the Duke of Beaufort was created in 1682 by King Charles II for one of his favourite barons Henry Earl of Worcester and along with the title came the gift of  huge parcels of land mainly in the West Country and South Wales. The robbed Cymric lands includes the aforementioned river bed in Swansea, the 850 acres of moorland above Ebbw Vale earmarked for the Circuit of Wales racetrack and the vast mountainous moorland of Mynydd y Gwair located in the Mawr constituency of Swansea which is now to have 16 gigantic 400ft tall wind turbines planted into its earth thanks to the wisdom of our Welsh Government and its TAN 8 terrorist policies and to Swansea City Council for passing planning permission for the Wind Farm despite strong local opposition to it - and yes, the Duke will receive a cool £16m hand out from RWE npower renewables simply for allowing them to plant the wind farm on Mynydd y Gwair! 

According to the Western Mail report, the Duke of Beaufort had an estimated land wealth of £135m in 2008, a wealth mainly accumulated by, both, he and his ancestors through the demanding of excessive sums of money in rents for centuries on lands that had been stolen in the first place! Isn’t it a mad and unjust situation where Councils throughout Cymru are cutting back on services to a tax paying population on the one hand whilst they are blackmailed to pay such large sums of money to land grabbing Robber Barons on the other? Is it not time for our Welsh M.P’s and A.M.’s to immediately demand a review of the powers of feudal lordships in such unjust matters?

But, of course, we the Gwerin know from bitter experience that we cannot depend on Governments, whether they be in Cymru or London, to get Cymric lands and resources back into Cymric hands. History has taught us that it will only happen if we unite as Cymry to make it happen.  Let’s for example remember  the peasants of Cwmwd Caio who fought against land enclosures and who gave us the call to action of ‘Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd’ and the Gwerin of Mynydd Bach in Ceredigion, who in 1826 fought hard and long for their land in what became known as the ‘War of the Little Englishman’ and became triumphant. At this moment in time, it is the Graziers of Mynydd y Gwair that lead the way heroically in a stand for their land and liberties. Is it not time for all of Cymru to stand united with them and with those in Gwent who might resist the greed of the present Duke of Beaufort, in true tradition of the ‘Enemy of All Fear’ the Tarw Scotch, who also once stood in defiant there against tyrrany, oppression and exploitation.

Latest developments re the gigantic Wind Farm to be planted into our sacred earth of Mynydd y Gwair is that RWE npower renewables have now applied for further planning permission to build a road that will cross five mountains to get to the intended site for the Wind Farm on Mynydd y Gwair. There is fierce local opposition to this intended development as is currently displayed in an ongoing inquiry which was taking place throughout the last Week at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Abertawe where over 20 different local groups are staging their opposition. RWE npower renewables are being represented at this inquiry by a Queen's Council and it seems that there are flaws appearing in their case papers causing great confusion to the independent Inspector and everyone else so, the continuation of the inquiry in question has had to be postponed until RWE npower renewables and their legal team revise their reams of paperwork so that it makes some sense. The inquiry will continue in the Summer. We will keep you all posted on this but, in the meantime, this provides time for a 'serious pro active' poster campaign to take place along all the roads concerned up to the intended Windmill site.

Keeping in mind that the struggle was won over on Mynydd Hyddgen by a radically active Cambrian Mountain Society, this struggle on Mynydd y Gwair can also be won. No Wind Farm so, let's all unite to do our bit and plaster the areas concerned with large posters stating NO WIND FARM and... Greedy Absentee Robber Barons Landlords Must go!
Dont wait for someone else to do this...all who care can do it.