Monday, 17 February 2014



Pobl Glyndwr.

Make ready for a stand to resist both old and new ‘Conquistadores’ whom with the aid of Colonial Collaboration of Swansea Council, Welsh Assembly, traitor Political Parties and that Includes Plaid Cymru. They seek to seize more land to build a road to make possible the construction of the Windmill Industrial Estate upon  Mynydd y Gwair as in latter years at Mynydd y Betws – ‘Stryveland’, a battle we lost but now there must be a final victory.


To make this possible they intend to use enclosure legislation as in past times which seizes our land, the intention is to enclose the following Common Land on and around Mynydd Pysgodlyn, Graig y Bedw, Pentwyn Mawr, Banc Myddfai, Garn Fach and Banc Darren Fawr in the Community of Mawr to be seized by Commons Act 2006 – Section CL74. All to enrich an English Aristocrat – the Duke of Somerset – ‘Beaufort Familiy’ who have held much land in Wales since the 16th Century made possible by the ‘Tudor Traitors. Further also to the profit of a Corporate Capitalist Renewables Company – ‘Windmill Master’. The road will begin at Pont Lliw and proceed across the hills upon Mynydd y Gwair, our campaigns aim is to stop seizure of Welsh Land, building of this road and any construction of Windmills.


This road will make possible at first construction of the site and then transport of the Windmills in parts from Swansea Docks, Fabian Way along Motor Way to Pont Lliw and then up onto Mynydd y Gwair. Patriots with out this Road there will be no Windmill Site, thus make ready, prepare and organise to resist this Colonial Expropriation of our land and Exploitation of our resources to serve the energy needs of England and profits of International Stock Market Venture Capitalists seeking to make of Wales Corporate Colony Cymru. Now is not the time for meaningless and pointless sloganising but rather time for a real Struggle in a campaign to defend our land and resources.

Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd – 

The ‘Beaufort Bunch’ are just one of a few English Aristocrat familes who have held land in Wales since the 1282 – 83 Conquest, many though acquired their lands as rewards by the Tudors for supporting their cause during War of the Roses. Lets focus now on the ‘Beaufort Bunch’ presend day English Lords of Mynydd y Gwair and the River Tawe bed that forced Swansea Council to pay them £80.000 to place a foot bridge across the river to acess the English Crown Estate Liberty Stadium and Retail Park. As well, the ‘Beaufort Bunch’ own other land and properties in the Swansea area and in other parts of Glamorgan and Gwent and to date there has been no Welsh Resistance to their Expropriation of our land nor recent Capitalist Cheque Book Conquest. 

                              TARO NOL!

Rising Baner Glyndwr  on Mynydd y Gwair needs to be the beginning of renewed radical Patriotic Resurgence in struggle against UKEU Economic and Venture Capitalist Corporate Colonialism of Cheque Book Conquest. Further  Anti – Economic Colonising Campaigning at: Pen y Cymoedd and other Wind Farms, Vyrnwy Estate and Epynt Common Land Grabs, Cefn Du Dam also Welsh Forests  Expropriation. This is not all or the end of it!


Save Our Common Mountain Environment
Save Mynydd y Gwair Mountain from Windfarm Developers.
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