Monday, 30 May 2011


1500 Trefaldwyn people and their supporters from other areas of Cymru  (including Pobl Glyndŵr) descended on the Assembly at Bae Caerdydd last Tuesday (24th May) to protest against the ineffective and uneconomical TAN 8 Wind farm policy and its associated plans for Trefaldwyn, the ancestral lands of our greatest of warrior leaders, Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr.

A few of the A/M's came out of the Assembly building to meet the protesters and each one of them, during the deliverance of their speeches, declared that they had never seen such a large protest before in front of the Assembly building. They each also admitted that the TAN 8 policy had proved to be ineffective and promised to work towards having the policy reviewed. But, the truth is that there's a need to 'bin' this policy to vandalise large areas of Welsh land with ineffective and uneconomical Wind farms, not review it!

The only ones benefiting from this 'mad' policy are the capitalist producers of these windmills, are the landowners that are prepared to sell or lease land for the planting of these alien monstrosities, a sprinkling of workers that will get temporary work erecting them, and, of course, England who will receive the major part of the power that will be produced and transferred over offa's dyke.

These Wind Farms have been insidiously spreading like a virus over our Cymric landscape for years assisted by our politicians. Apart from the obvious fact that they're a blot on our landscape, the power they produce is unpredictable in the sense that they will produce 'none' if there is no wind and if there's too much wind, they have to be turned off! Whichever way 'the wind blows' the capitalists that own them cannot lose! they get a subsidy to produce them and a subsidy if they have to turn them off!

In regards to Trefaldwyn, there is a need to build a 20 acre sub-station in the location of Abermule, as well as an army of 50 metre high pylons and 100 miles of cable to connect 800 of these gigantic windmills to the national grid destroying a large area of Welsh landscape in the process.

Our Cymric communities have been drowned to provide water for England (and at a much cheaper rate than we in Cymru have to pay for it!) our motherland has already been ripped apart to lay down pipe lines for both water and gas and now she is being attacked and ravaged yet again to provide energy for England! We have many alternatives for providing energy for Cymru that does not involve the ravaging of our land.

To add insult to this injury, this latest 'madness is to take place on the ancestral lands of our greatest of Warrior Princes, Tywysog Cymru - Owain Glyndŵr. Also on this land are the remains of Mathrafal, the ancient and medieval court of the Princes of Powys. And also on this land, is the historic site of Rhyd y Chwima, where Henry III was forced to acknowledge Llywelyn III as Prince of Cymru in Sept  1265. How could our elected councillors and politicians be so blatantly disrespectful of our history and heritage as to collaborate on a plan that can only serve to destroy this most important of ancestral lands? I would suggest that all Welsh patriots remember this betrayal well when the next round of elections comes along. Regardless of what party they belong to, do not vote for politicians and councillors that collaborate in the systematic destruction of Cymru! It's simple, if they will not protect Cymric land and communities then they are her enemies and are of no use to her or us in Government - be it on a local or national level! Force them to admit "they were wrong" - again!

The large protest carried out on Tuesday did "shake" the Assembly out of their comfortable complacency for the afternoon at the least - and we, as a nation, have plenty of reasons for saying..."we will be back - and even with bigger and bigger forces time and time again to "shake" you into doing the job you were elected to do. To demand overdue justice for our people and our communities" But, if we are to be effective in such action - as was the case last Tuesday, we must learn to solidly unite as a nation behind each and every campaign that needs to be fought in Cymru. We are far from being in such a privileged situation that we can be 'parochial' or choosy in which campaign we will fight. Cymru as a nation is bigger than any one cause, be it in tackling the problems of  needed employment for our Cymric people to enable them to stay in their motherland, the drowning and destruction of our communities, the issues of wind farms, housing developments, closure of schools or the language. We cannot and should not concentrate all our energy and time on battling against one plan or ''conspiracy" whilst the barricades are down on all other fronts. The only way to save our nation and her communities is to unite, achieve an expertise in organisation and fundraising and be prepared for battle on every front.

This is our Cymric motherland and it is our responsibility to defend her for the generations that is to come and not stand by and let her be ravaged and plundered out of existence. I pleaded  in my last posting for 'Pobl Glyndŵr' and other patriots to come and support the protest in Bae Caerdydd last Tuesday. I only counted 4 'baner glyndŵr (6 - if you count Embassy Glyndŵr's two flags) in a crowd of 1,500 and one of those flags was draped over the shoulder of a 'Pobl Glyndwr' patriot in a wheelchair! Thank God for those 4 people and many thanks to the other few 'true' patriots who bothered to seek Embassy Glyndŵr members out (prior to the protest) to say hello. And "shame" on the 100's of Cymry living in Caerdydd and nearby towns and villages in Dê Cymru that made no effort whatsoever to support this all important of protests - especially as 33 bus loads of campaigners had travelled for 7 hrs from Canoldir Cymru to support - including the W.I! Where was Merched y Wawr?

Even the dogs of Trefaldwyn had come to protest at such madness; It appears that they have more sense than our elected politicians!

M.P. Glyn Davies talked with great conviction (more like a patriotic nationalist than a Tory) and vowed to campaign to the bitter end against this 'mad' plan - as did Siân Lloyd (the weather woman) and Iolo Williams who stated (via a text message) that he was "fed up" with this "puppet government", in Bae Caerdydd, and their mad plans for our nation - "which are far from being green".

Myfanwy Alexander reminded one and all that the land being threatened was 'Glyndŵr land' and that she, also, would fight to the bitter end to defend that land. But, where was her sister, Helen Mary Jones- and where were the rest of the Plaid A.M.'s? - apart from Seimon Thomas who did come out to receive a tub of turf from Trefaldwyn that was presented to four AM's by pupils from Ysgol Meifod. Seimon suggested in his speech that the protesters should also visit their local authorities as well as the Westminster Government to protest? I don't think so Seimon! Local authorities yes, but, Westminster? This mess is down to the Welsh Assembly for collaborating in accepting this Tan 8 policy and in pinpointing areas of Cymru (such as Trefaldwyn) as suitable locations for dumping these Wind farms on. The Welsh Assembly should be there to protect our nation and its communities and should have sent a resounding NO! back to Westminster. What's the point of more powers if this 'absurd' policy cannot be overturned?

Needless to say, last Tuesday's protest was but the beginning. Campaigning will continue until this 'mad' policy is abandoned once and for all! Let us as patriots (Cymric and English speaking) make every physical and mental effort possible to unite in defiance of this latest 'mad' ravaging and all other 'mad' plans that are already in process and in the pipeline to annihilate us as a nation.

A petition with 13,000 names on it opposing the TAN 8 policy was presented to the Assembly - and these names were collected in one month only! A further 500 was collected on the day of the protest. Let us all now add our names to the list of those in opposition via the Assembly petition which can be accessed via the link below. Then begin your own petition locally (whether you're residing in Cymru or in exile) and make every effort to persuade your elected councillors and politicians, that they must concede that they were wrong in regards to TAN 8, and that they must now assist the people of Cymru in the national campaign to get rid of it.

Remember, no Wind Farms - no sub-stations - no pylons - and no cabling...and no trashing of our motherland's face!


Listen to 'Glyndŵr's' call! Watch this space for more news in regards to campaigning "on all fronts" in Cenedl Glyndŵr.

A Cymraeg version of this message can be found on our Galwad Glyndwr blog.