Monday, 18 July 2011


  1. Pwysig: At 1:15 today 'Wythnos Gwilym Owen's Radio Cymru programme will have a discussion on 'Turbine Terrorism' with  myself and Lyn Jenkins opposing 'wind mill plantations' and Dr Iolo ap Gwynn (Chairman of CAT Trustees) who, throughout the item,  interrupts views opposite to his own 'turbine treachery', whilst Eryl Vaughan/Fychan chief Welsh collaborator of renewable - Cymru - Wind Power Wales was allowed to get away with recording his interview before the programme so that he could not be publically questioned as to his position in all this and, not least, into his 'corruption' of Welsh culture in interest of big business - Corporate Global Capitalism, an international menace hiding behind  a mask of 'friendly environmentalism' but which is, in reality, 'green Imperialism and 'eco colonialisn' in a weak and defencless Post Industrial Cymru.

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    Sesiwn arall o holi a stilio, procio a phryfocio yng nghwmni Gwilym OwenGwilym Owenwith his unique view of the ... Monday, 13:15 on BBC Radio Cymru ...

    You can listen to the discussion via the above link but should you miss it, you can access via ipod for the duration of the week.

    I have since, gone through the motions and complained to the BBC and to Ofcom about the blatant  'bias' in the aforementioned programme although, that won't have any effect of course and Gwilym Owen would not care 'two hoots' if it did as he was retiring that week with a big fat golden handshake no doubt!

    For further update re Embassy Glyndŵr's participation in this Anti Windmilling of Wales campaign, see below letters in Western Mail - and please add you reply to the debate: - Cached
5 Jul 2011 – SIR – Predictably, a Western Mail poll shows a majority who believe the ... in the name of green imperialism and eco colonialism. SIÂN IFAN ... › ... › July 5, 2011 - Cached
5 Jul 2011 – Free Online Library: Green imperialism; & COMMENT DEBATE YOUR LETTERS TO THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER OF WALES.(Letters) by "Western Mail(Cardiff, Wales)"; News, ... SIAN IFAN IFAN Institut Fondamental d'afrique Noire ...

Further comments and facts and figures galore for and against windmill farms might go on unabated but as far as Embassy Glyndŵr is concerned, this is a Welsh 'National Issue' and we look at and react from an anti - colonial position which rests on the platform and programe of that we seek to deny any oppression of our peoples, exploitation of our communities or any expropriation of our  land and its natural resources either by England or by International Global Coorperate Capitalism, be it by Green Imperialism and Eco Colonialism or whatever other form the new Cheque Book Conquest may take.

In the case of Windmill Farms, we further oppose their despoilation and devestation of our countryside and the desecration of our heritage in the landscape. This is not a matter of 'NIMBYISM'; as far as we are concerned,  all of Cymru is our beautiful and, in places, wild and dramatic 'precious garden', a garden sculptured by its rich history, to be protected and well cared for as a legacy to hand on to future generations.

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